We ask you to help us find out how much it will take to get our select celebrities to willingly hand over self-taken new nude pictures.

How does this work?

First, you choose a favorite celebrity. Second, you participate with any amount you see fit, starting at only 2$ per celebrity. When a certain celebrity has raised One Million Dollars, we will approach him or her and propose our above-mentioned offer in exchange for self-taken new nude pictures. These pictures will be taken using 4K photography, and the positions are pre-determinded, as described here. If the celebrity refuses our offer, we will continue to accept your offers until we reach the second milestone - Two Million Dollars.

If they still refuse to take up the offer, we will continue to raise money and approach the celebrity at every One Million Dollar milestone. When the celebrity accepcts our offer, they will be asked to donate up to 25% of the money to causes of their own choice.


None of the celebrities where approach on this matter and none have consented in advance to this proposition. We will only approach celebrities who reach the initial one million dollar goal, as well as every further one million milestone.


If the celebrity accepcts our offer, she will be required to take four photographs in the following positions, with no cloths, no photoshop, clear lighting, focused, and visible face and body.

The items you may purchase include the following options, with regard to the above numbered position:
  • 1 Picture Low-Resolution for 2$
    Position 1 in low-resultion of at least 720×480.
  • 1 Picture HD for 6$
    Position 2 in HD resolution of at least 1920×1080.
  • 3 Pictures HD for 15$
    Positions 1 through 3 in HD resolution of at least 1920×1080.
  • 4 Pictures 4K for 30$
    All four positions in High 4K resolution of at least 3840x2160.

Release to the public

One month after sending the above digital photographs to the funders, we will officially release the photographs for the benefit of the rest of the public. The images will be released under CC-BY-SA-4.0 which means anyone can share the photos and even change them, as long as they are republished under the same license, as well as include proper appropriate credit. In other words, the photographs will be released to use of the public. During the first month, the funders will be asked to refrain from publishing the photographs, however they will be allowed to show the photographs to friends.

No offence inteneded

We do not intend to offend any listed celebrity. The offer will be proposed as a business opportunity and in a proffesional manner. This opportunity should be considered to be similar to movies offers that might require a certain degree of nudity from the actors. They are not offended when such a propersition is suggested and in the same manner, we ask that they accepct our offers as a business opportunity and nothing more.

How far can this go?

If we all help in accomplishing our goal, as do many other crowd-fundraisings manage, i.e. KickStarter, we will help many people along the way. Do the ends justify the means? We believe it does. Help us achieve our goals today - support us now!

We are confident that every celebrity will accept your generous offers - the only question is how much will it take!

Choose your favorite celebrity today!

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